1675 Lillies Ferry RD, Winchester, Ky

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Video Walking Tours of 1675 & 1725 Lillies Ferry Road, Winchester, KY 40391

180° Panorama from 1725 Lillies Ferry Road

(Taken from around the 19 minute mark of the Back Fields walking tour.)

This map shows the paths of the next two video walking tours.

Walking Tour Paths

Starting at the cemetery and walking the perimeter around tract 1 and onto tract 2, then back to the front and through the woods to the barn area. Watch for the deer in the woods around the 9:30 minute mark.

Starting next to the cemetery gate and around the path through the woods to the middle hayfield and then through the front woods to the barn area.

Around the house and yard.

Starting at the northeast corner of the property and walking along the front of 1625 (tract 1 on the plat).